Failed but still a win!

Let’s state the obvious first …. I failed at Janathon! I made it to Day 9 and then working The Spine event happened and that was all she wrote.

However. There’s always a ‘however’ with me. I’ve lost 10lbs since Christmas, I’ve taken the plunge and started working for myself and I’ve drank a half a bottle of red wine this afternoon after drinking nothing for months. Hic.

I’m getting my butt up for Parkrun in the morning and I hope it’s storming a good one as I love running in the rain.

That is all from me.

Day 9 : A bit of a cop out ….

Today I have to admit that Janathon has been far from my mind. Lots going on and I’m afraid all I can claim is a 1 mile speed walk tonight.

The next 9 days are going to be interesting to see how I can keep at this as I’m off to the Pennine Way to work with the event team on The Spine Race. I’ve already packed my kit and I’m going to try my damnedest to sneak a run in each day. The blogging bits may be delayed as I’m not sure what the signal will be like.

Hope you’ve all been doing some miles for me.

Day 7 : *sleepy eyes*

“I don’t have time to run”

“It’s too dark to run in the early mornings”

“I’m not a morning person”

The above are excuses I have heard many times and lets just lay the cards on the tables … they are the exact excuses I have been tempted with myself on occasion. One of those occasions was this morning at 4.30am when I lay looking at the inside of my eyelids listening to my phone alarm about to vibrate itself to death.

Today is a crazy day that sees me busy without stop from 7.30am until about 9.30pm and then with a 6am start tomorrow the likelihood of me going out for a run tonight seems unlikely so silly o’clock it is then. I’m quite impressed that I was able to get dressed in my running gear without properly opening my eyes. I was a bit annoyed that I didn’t think to go pee first though as I then had to peel layers off. I almost fell asleep on the toilet. I then couldn’t find the shoes I wanted. Yes, the three pairs by the door were not what I wanted. Finally after 10 minutes of needless faffing I made it out the door.

I need to find a way to becoming a morning person, to leave the warmth of my bed with enthusiasm and to end this relationship with my pillow. It was lovely out there. Crisp, quiet, and the air was clean (hey, it’s London – it’s a luxury). I only did 3 miles (hey, I’m pacing myself this time around ok) but they were the most enjoyable in a long time.

So, I am adding a new element to my 2014 challenges …. 1 early morning pre-work run each week. I just need to get in the habit of laying everything out the night before.

Ta ra.

Day 5 : I did it twice …..

Today has been a good day.

My lovely, ever patient, friend came and picked me up at 11am and we headed over to Streatham Common. The plan was for me to run 5 miles and for her to do some loops on her bike. Problem is though as I am just now getting myself back on track I am back to the old unexpected cramps issues. Basically right now any running I do I have to consider local toilet facilities and how bloody quick I can get to them. It is guaranteed that before I hit two miles I will need to sit down shall we say. Too much info?? Just be happy I’m not describing past horrors when I’ve not made it.

Anyway, I had chosen Streatham Common for a couple of reasons and the fact they have toilets being chief and that I’m considering moving there being second. However, I forget how hilly it is there and neither me or Morag were feeling the hills so we zipped over to Tooting Common. They have toilets there so it’s all good. However we get there and of course they are closed. Lovely. Now, secretly I’m getting a bit worried as I’ve not …. erm ….. been yet today. So I had a quick think and decided to do a tempo session of shorter distance. Quality over quantity and all that.

I am really quite happy. I ran 2 miles in just over 20 minutes. No land speed record but seriously happy (you do all know I had a bike v lorry accident just 2 months ago right?).

I felt a bit bad though as Morag didn’t get much of a ride in and that’s not fair. So we headed to her house for a spot of lunch and then popped out to one of her local green spaces (seriously not big enough to claim the title of park) and I did two loops of that which was 2 miles in just over 21 minutes. So a wee bit slower but it felt good.

Oh and in other good news I have lost 4lbs this week. Intentionally I should add.

Tomorrow is technically a rest day so it will be bike or fast walk. That’ll be some joyous reading!!

Nite all x

Day 4 : I wasn’t last ……

Today I woke up to the delightful sound of driving rain and wind against my bedroom window. I groaned and pulled the warm covers over my head. I could go out later. I have no plans today so why get up at silly o’clock in this weather. No need for it.

Wrong. Aside from Janathon I’ve got some year long challenges to work on and one of those is that if I am home on a Saturday morning then I have to go to a Parkrun. Bollocks. Combine this with the fact that I decided to reduce my footprint and go car free* in September of last year and you have double bollocks.

Yep, I had to cycle in the force 9 gales and walls of water lashing up against me** for miles and bloody miles*** to get to my closest Parkrun.

Fulham Palace was 3 months old today (the run obviously) and can I just say as with all Parkrun crews …… bloody lovely people. I found the leader (sounds a bit Star Trekky that) and offered to marshal as I thought it would be a small crowd given the weather and as I’m coming back from the bike accident I didn’t want to hold folks up. She waved my offer away and said to stop looking for excuses****. Turns out three of the local running clubs had decided to have a little friendly thing today and there were bloody loads of them that showed up. Nope, being surrounded by club runners is not one bit intimidating. They must have thought I was right twat because I ran in my cycling waterproof.

Anyway, I came in 125th out of 129 in 33.47 which is a minute better than 4 days ago. It’s not where I was but I’m getting there. I had to walk three times as my jaw was aching from the impact. With every jolt of pain I was uttering my best curse words at the lorry driver from November. S’ok though ….. I wasn’t last :)

See you tomorrow x

* That and the cost and point of having a car when you live in almost central London is ridiculous.
** I may be prone to exaggeration.
*** See above.
**** That’s what I heard anyway.

Day 3 : Nothing to see here …..

A brisk 2 mile walk is all I can offer up to the Janathon gods today.

A terrible yet awesome day all rolled into one meant I didn’t even head out the door until gone 10 and as I’m cycling to Parkrun in the morning I decided that a walk would suffice today.

In other news ….. my area is great for being nosy. Love people who don’t close their curtains :)

Day 2 : It’s how you view the numbers ….

Today was always going to be tough. Yep, the 2nd day.

First day back into the office after 12 days off was dire. The clock seemed to be taunting me by going at a snails pace. With that said today’s blog is going to be short (although I predict sometime in the next 29 days there will be an even shorter one).

Today I have :

Worked 129,348 minutes

Hung out in close contact with strangers 7,200 seconds

Planked for 10,000 milliseconds

Easy jogged 129,888 inches

Same time tomorrow then?

Day 1 : Here we go again ……

So, here we are again at the only time of the year I regularly remember to blog.


For those of you that don’t know what this is, I am committing to getting out every day in January to exercise. Last year I ran every day and while that helped me get faster it knackered my knees a bit for February. So, I am going to ride my bike on the three days per week I don’t run.

Sadly for you lot I also have to blog every day. S’ok though as it’ll make me get around to tidying this place up. There’s cobwebs in the corner and the milk is off.

So lets kick this off for Day 1. I went along to Bushy Park for some Parkrun fun. I think this is such a fabulous concept and certainly have not utilised it properly. A free 5k timed run that encourages everyone young and old to come and run (or jog or crawl). No excuses of having kids as they are massively encouraged to come along too. Strollers and dogs in attendance today. Loads of people (577) turned out in the rain. It’s a nice flat course so has definite PB potential but I knew that wasn’t going to happen for me. The marshall’s were fabulous and cheery even though they were drenched and no doubt cold. Finish funnel worked like clockwork. Towards the end there was a guy walking who I had leapfrogged with a bit (not literally as that would be weird) so I sidled up to him and pretty much bullied him to jog in to the finish with me. He’s probably at home right now telling his wife some crazy lady wouldn’t leave him alone and in fact now I think about it, he may not have been a runner!! My time was slow (34:45) but I’m quite ok with that given what my body has been through the last few months. Plus I had the surprise of running into a lovely person I haven’t seen in a while out at Bushy which was nice.

Then popped over to Battersea Park and cycled 9 miles. So all in all I am happy with the start to the year.

See you back here tomorrow …….

Oh and just to catch my loyal following (yes, I’m deluded) here is a cheat way of letting you have my 2013 close out ….. copy and paste from Facebook :)

Became single again and have for the most part enjoyed staying that way as I have discovered ME again. I do plan on dating in 2014 though as I’m becoming a bit of a hermit and I do miss intimacy (which is not just sex so get your minds out of the gutter).

Ran my first marathon in April with the support of some marvellous folks. Then went on to run another 6 and also my first ultra (30 miles). Made some lovely and lifelong friends in the running world.

Changed jobs based on what turned out to be false promises and am now working on rectifying that.

Stopped socialising as much and as a result seem to have lost some friends but I decided I didn’t want friendships that were to be based around going out to bars.

Flew to the States and held my beautiful grandson, hugged my amazing son very tightly and met my amazing daughter-in-law. I can see why my son fell in love with her. She is simply wonderful.

Had a bike v lorry accident which made me appreciate and reevaluate some things in life.

It has been a year of extreme highs and lows and sadly I am ending the year on a bit of a mental low but it’s nothing I can’t fix (so no annoying pity eh). However, it has to go down as a year that I will never forget. Ever.

2014. I have plans. Some so minor they won’t be noticed and some that are going to be big. Very big. No, they’re not all running related (as I can feel some of you already rolling your eyes). Don’t ask as I’m not telling. x