Day 12 – A Virgin No More.

I did it. I finally did it. I started to do it last year. In fact I even went so far as to get everything ready for it and plan how I was going to do it, where I was going to do and what I was going to do if I enjoyed it.

I never did it. I kept meaning to but there was always an excuse. Sometimes I even had a headache.

Yet this morning I got up and did it!

It was great. It was messy. It was a bit of a slog in one spot.

Others did it with me too. Loads of others. They were friendly while we all did it together.

Gunnersbury Parkrun

A bit muddy?

A bit muddy?

Days completed – 12/12
Miles run today – 3.06 (31.37)
Parkruns – 1
Fetches who said ‘Hi’ – 1 due to hoodie
Smug feeling – Done with day 12 by 9.30, of course I’m smug.

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4 responses

  1. Damn and blast! I meant to get up and go to Gunnersbury Parkrun this morning (would have been my first too!), as it’s about a ten minute walk from me. I had forgotten completely about my intention to do so until reading your blog! Glad you enjoyed it!
    Are you local? Do you belong to the Eagles? I’ve half been thinking about joining to get me though the slog of the winter months, but I’m not sure how it would fit in with marathon training. Even so, if you’re local and you’d like to meet up for a Janathon-themed run… it might be nice to run with someone else for a change (for me, I mean)!

    • Hey. I’m in Barnes so fairly local. Come next week. I’m definitely going to go but don’t feel obligated to run with me as I kind of plod. We can grab a coffee after though. I might look into the Eagles as I’ve heard a few mention it. Hopefully they don’t run Wednesday nights as I run with Nike Covent Garden then and won’t give that up for all the tea in my tea caddy. :o)

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