2013 – The Plan (is a bit like yoga)

Right, so everyone needs a plan or so I keep getting told. I however am of the firm belief that while a plan is ok it must always be flexible. So do read the following with that in mind.

It is quite possible it will all fly out of the window and I will be found face down in a bottle of gin by mid February. :o)

Jan – Stick to Janathon but keep marathon schedule in mind so on rest days go for a nice walk.
Feb –
Mar – Silverstone Half Marathon
Apr – London Marathon
May – Rat Race Dirty Weekend & Bupa 10k
Jun –
Jul – British 10k
Aug –
Sep – Pride 10k
Oct – Run to the Beat Half Marathon
Nov –
Dec –

The gaps will be filled (or not).

Throughout the first half of the year I will work on getting this weight off that has snuck up and attached itself to my thighs. I will spend the second half of the year trying to bloody keep it off.

Ughhhh the above all seems insane when in black and white.


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