All Roads Lead to Durban

I really did mean to come back and blog weekly. Not sure what happened though.

Anyway so here I am almost a month after end of Janathon. So, did I get stuck into my marathon training? Did I continue with the weight loss crusade? Did I get my head back in the law books? Yes, yes and yes.

Did I cease having a life? That’s a resounding YES.

I could try and give a day by day account of the different runs, challenges and funny moments but to be honest they’ve all kind of blended into one mass of blisters and snotty noses.

I have so far for February put 119 miles on my little feet.

I have started to (finally) incorporate some hill work into my training and have to say that I can actually feel a positive difference. Quite simply the flats don’t seem so hard now.

After seeing it somewhere on Warrior Woman’s blog I decided to challenge my run club to Run the Tube. It’s been fun … so much fun that we have extended it another month until the end of March. I stupidly picked District Line … idiot. I still have a few bits to go but have gotten the worst bits (Essex) done with the help of a fabulous crew person. Nothing encourages you more than knowing there’ll be someone ready to throw Haribo at you around the next corner.

It has to be said though that yesterday I mentally turned a corner. I ran with two of the guys from run club and even though I had to let them go at 4 ½ miles I still managed to knock out just under 13 miles in 2.07 which really showed me how far (literally) I have come. I feel totally excited about Silverstone next weekend and certainly feel prepared for the next painful 8 weeks pre London Marathon.

One of the guys at work is doing Paris a few weeks before I do London and when I see the level of training he is doing and how tough he’s being I have to remind myself that I am not racing him … I only have myself to beat.

Oh – weight loss … that’ll be 1 stone gone. I have averaged 2lbs a week off my lardy hips since the beginning of the year so that’s nice and steady. I am aiming for another stone by April and then the final stone by July.

Someone asked me yesterday if I plan on hanging the shoes up for a while after London. I thought about it for a millisecond. Nope.

I have a few bits and pieces on the radar. Looking way off on the horizon I have committed myself to comfortably qualifying for Comrades 2015. A nice little 56 mile (!!!!) road race in South Africa. More details on that in a separate blog once VLM is out of the way.

Right – I reckon that’s me all up to date from the running side of life.

How have you lot been?



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