Vroom Vroom and away we go ….

The idea of running around a formula one race track sounds great on paper but I’m sorry to say the reality is that it’s very boring.

I was freezing cold even though I was dressed for winter.


I had to stop for a toilet break at about mile 4 which totally annoyed me as I lost 3 minutes according to Mr Garmin.

I got overtaken by a shark ….


I did however managed a sprint to the finish and clocked 2.16 (my goal was 2.15 still a PB though)


In other news. I talked with my ultra friend Anna and she’s agreed to come along on my first ultra with me. It will be the Stort 30 in October which I’m looking forward to as I manned a checkpoint at its first running last year. She says I should do another full marathon about late summer time so I signed up for the Thames Meander which annoyingly goes pretty much past my front door at mile 12!


One response

  1. Well done on the PB! Although, I have to disagree: running around an F1 track sounds horrifically boring (and I’m a huge F1 fan!).
    I’m hoping to run my first ultra in October as well – good luck with yours!

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