Hello ……. hello ……..

Forgive me blog for I have sinned. It has been many days since my last post and now I can’t remember all that I have done.
Attempted roundup below :
Quit my job for a fantastic global role.  Last day at soul destroying place is April 17th, taking a few days off, doing VLM and then start at shiny new place April 23rd. Excited beyond measure. 
Ran a beautiful 10k pb at Regents Park race – 58.37 🙂 Yes, I know, not exactly a land speed record but that’s 4 minutes off my pb from October.
Training for VLM was going great until I got knocked sideways with chest infection a few weeks back. I feel slightly derailed and have adjusted my goal.  Last long run this weekend. 
Volunteered at Thames Path 100 and absolutely loved it and totally inspired yet again.  Have South Downs 50 next weekend (not running obviously).  Have a tentative training plan ready for Stort 30 and am perversely looking forward to getting my teeth into it. 
Oh in May I am helping to crew someone doing Grand Union Canal Run.  145 miles of insanity. Am strangely looking forward to the night section and pacing as I want to get my night running virginity broken.
Am realising more and more that I probably need to join a running club. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Nike night but that’s more of a casual thing. I want some regular running buddies and closer to home would be great too.  I guess i just want a balance as I do totally enjoy solo running but not every single time.  Anyway, I’ll look into that after VLM is bagged.
Oh oh oh ……. just realised. Next week will be 1 year since I laced back up and struggled to the traffic light and back. That was the most important mile of my life.  Happy early running anniversary to me. Where’s the cake?

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  1. Regents park is my 10k pb course too – bit slower than yours though! Good luck for next week, enjoy the taper, do plenty of carb-loading and sofa sitting and don’t forget the biofreeze to smother your legs with when you finish…you’ll thank me for that tip on Monday when you’re able to walk down stairs…

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