Right, quick catch up for my millions of faithful followers. Delusional. Possibly.

Apologies to any Fetchies for the lazy copy of my write ups there.

Herts Hobble Marathon – 23rd June

I like balance. Light and dark. Left and right. Yin and Yang.

Yes, I like balance.

So therefore to balance out the fact that it took me just over 8 hours to go 27 miles I shall keep the write up about it short.

Dark – Route instructions that were more of a suggestion at times. Nettles that seemed to jump out at me. Holes in the ground that tried to kill me. Tree roots that wanted to help the holes in their mission. Stiles that seemed to get higher. Kissing gates that well … I didn’t want to kiss.

Light – Beautiful scenery. Great company. Lemon drizzle cake, ham sandwiches, scones and jam and hot tea. Checkpoint with a bit of cricket – oh utterly English. Cider in the pub after.

In short – I have a whole new respect for trail running. I will get better at it. I need new hips.

Coombe Abbey Marathon – 30th June

I really hesitated over even bothering to write about yesterday’s marathon.

Coombe Abbey. Lovely course in that I couldn’t possibly get lost and that it was quite pretty. Awful in that there was no escape from the extreme heat. Can’t hold anyone responsible for that after all hardly something you’d expect in England in the summer.

I struggled through my own self inflicted fault. Hungover, dehydrated, hungry, miserable, poorly prepared, tired legs etc etc etc

I was not bloody DNFing though. I came second from last with a hideous time of 6:23 which made me so angry. At myself.

Can’t hide from it though. Just need to deal with it, learn from it and move on.

Thanks sooooo much to Anna for doing the last three laps with me. I invented a new running word. Slightly faster than a walk but not even a shuffle is now ‘Waffling’. Thanks also to Anna for her advice on the journey home on a plan for the next three weeks before Fairlands Valley.

Thanks to Els for the cheery encouragement each time you bloody lapped me

Thanks so much to Go Beyond. You could have taken down the finish gantry yet you didn’t. That meant so much!

Finally thanks to the lovely course marshals. Every lap without fail you gave me encouragement even when some laps all I could do was give a thumbs up.

Upcoming for July and some lessons learned

So what have the above two races taught me? That off road running is significantly harder than I thought it would be. It’s hard on the body and without a doubt for me it is hard on my mind.

I have learned that right now I simply can’t drink G&T’s the day before haha.

I have also had a wake up call. Train, train, train.

My A race this year is my first Ultra in October and I am determined to do it with my head held high! Too many people are behind me for me to let my mind win in its attempt to make me quit. I am not a failure. I am a runner no matter what.

I did have a good thought today though that made me smile. In theory all this off road running should make my next road marathon feel a bit easier. Hopefully anyway.

So, July will involve three more marathons including my first set of back to back marathons.



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  1. My advice for trail running: it’s very unlikely that anyone is good at up, down and flat – oh wouldn’t that be nice. Pick your strength and play on it. If you are good at going down, fly down and give it all you have, then relax and don’t burn out trying to force yourself through the ups and flat. Etc etc. good luck.

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