Catching Up and Getting Excited

As much as the title of this post sounds like my teenage dating life I’m afraid it’s less torturous and definitely less x-rated.

Last post (after a quick tidy up) is from October last year where I gushed about my first ultra.

What have I been up to? Nothing incredibly exciting (to you) but to me it’s all onwards and upwards.

Short version ….. current haul of shiny medals (13 marathons, 1 ultra and 2 interesting 24 hours events of 65 and 70 miles respectively). I’m finally my own boss. I’ve had some flattering requests from certain RD’s to work their events and a smart decision to not spread myself in too many directions (don’t be a whore is my motto). My primary loyalty will always be Centurion followed by Dick Kearn and The Spine (in that order). I’ve moved into a lovely flat and quite often sit in my knickers for no particular reason other than I can.

Where am I now?

I am content. As fluffy and tree-huggy as that sounds it’s the really the best way I can put it. I am finally happy putting me first.

Why am I back on my poor excuse of a blog?

I am excited. Not just about ice cream either. I have found a race that is under my skin in a realistic, tangible way (unlike Comrades which I still have doubts about).

I have entered the 2015 Montane Lakeland 50. This is going to test me and with my current approach to training has quite a possibility of teaching me what a DNF is all about. Hence why I am going to throw myself into the next 10 months with respect. I’m getting that to that finish line.

Blogs are quite shallow and I am no different. I’d like to think someone, anyone will read my drivel over the next 10 months. More than that though I’m going to enjoy documenting this.

I don’t even have an actual training plan yet but I will.

Watch this space.


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