Apparently I like to poo ….

Right. It appears it’s time for a bit of an update.

It’s been quite a busy few weeks since my last post and I’m going to sum them up in my usual haphazard style.

I’ve spent a tough weekend in the Lakes with my good friend Jacqui having a recce of the Ambleside to Coniston leg of LL50. We encountered what is now known as the ‘Wall of Death’, a mardy famers wife who begrudgingly gave me water, trail side emergency poo (is there a non emergency kind that happens trail side?), cows that made a beeline for us and more sheep than I can shake a stick at. I then spent a weekend in the Peak District visiting with Liz and Simon. I would say friends but after Simon took us on a 13 mile slog on the Saturday where we were actually scrambling up hills at points, I have re-evaluated that friendship. I think he was getting his own back for the fact that on the Friday night he took us on a little 7 mile jog around his local area and I had to poo in the bushes. Hey, what can I say … I am a classy one.

Best fun run lately has been the head torch jog around Hampstead Heath. Frogs and drug dealers made it interesting. Didn’t know Jacqui could squeal quite so loudly. Oh, another trail poo happened (not related to the squeal).

I have committed myself to manning the mobile HQ for the incredibly tough Spine event in January. A week living in a bubble it is then. Somehow I managed to assemble a fantastic crew for this. Shocking that anyone would willingly spend that long in my company isn’t it?

Centurion Running has gone from strength to strength and I could not be prouder to be a small part of it. We had the final official race of the 2014 season last weekend, the Winter 100 and it was the most satisfying event for me as I was able to relax a bit more than I normally do and actually see the results of the hard work we have put in. Bring on 2015 as it’s only going to get better.

I have a revisit of the Stort30 this coming weekend where I try to put to bed the pitiful ‘coming out’ performance. I’d like to get 6:30 and have had some offers of folks to run with me who are looking for about the same time so hopefully it won’t be like last year where I spent the second half alone (until the sweepers caught me).

I am honoured to also have Edwina Sutton now as my official coach. How scary – I have a real life coach!!

Work has been crazy busy almost to the point of it not being fun. It’s a good job I love what I do. However I’d like to have more clients but smaller ones rather than a few big ones. Too scary thinking all it takes is dropping one client for me to then struggle financially.

My personal life … well … it’s personal ;o)

Then there is ‘The Bet’ to talk about but as that’s so monumentally horrific I’ll save the details for another day.

Nici x


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