Week 1 of 48 : So this is what following a plan is like …..

I’ve been reliably informed that regular documenting of the next year will be something worth looking back on after I cross that finish line.  I guess I could just jot stuff down in a notebook for my eyes only but then how would I satisfy my need to bore everyone to tears quite so well?  So prepare yourselves.  There will be a weekly update of what Drill Sergeant Edwina Sutton is doing to my poor legs, body and brain.

I was actually quite excited to get my first weeks plan.  It not only had the daily task but also had some little tips and words of advice.  I was actually quite upset that day 1, Monday, was a rest day.  Boooo.

I’m sure it’s quite normal for most 100 miler training plans to start the first actual activity day with a 30 minute walk right?  I’m also sure it’s normal to get fully kitted out in running gear to go for said walk.  One of the key things Eddie is trying to start me out on is making sure I change my mindset for every training session regardless of what’s on the agenda.  Part of her theory is if I’m dressed to train then I’ll do it properly. Needless to say I crawled out of bed at the insane early hour of 5:45am on Tuesday for this potential mocking session as the locals here take no prisoners so I wanted the least number of witnesses.  ‘All the gear and no idea’ was my chant as I walked 1.7 miles on that first day of the next 48 weeks.

Wednesday popped up and I really, really wanted to go for a little jog but the plan had ‘Rest’. It’s weird because it’s been a long time since I felt that keen to go run.  I even got as far as sitting on stairs putting on my running shoes and then I stopped myself.  The reason I have failed so many times (at so many things) is that I think I know better and I stop following the plan.  This time I am giving myself every chance of success and the first step there (for me) is to be structured.

Thursday was a 60 minute walk with bits of jogging if my legs felt ok for it. I ended up feeling really good in my legs and did a slow 4.8 miles. My lungs however really struggled. Not sure what that was about.

Friday was meant to be a rest day which was then to be followed by a 4 mile run on Saturday. I let Eddie know I had Piece of String duty on the Saturday and this might be problematic so she swapped the days around. As I was going to be out at the Like The Wind event on Friday night I knew it was going to be another early start. 5:30am this time. Managed to forget my Garmin (it’s going to take a while for wearing it to be habit), suffered my typical 2 mile poo cramps and then got splashed by a bus. Fabulous. Managed, barely, the 4 miles. Just an out and back up the Harrow Road. I’m taking mace next time.

Sunday is the day I had been looking forward to all week.  My first ever interval session.  I have never done such a thing and when I would hear others talk about them I would shy away from the conversation as if they were talking about something holy and sacred that I wanted no part of. On Saturday I was so excited about it that I told some fellow Piece of String crew that I was doing 1 mile repeats for my first ever interval session.  They were so sweet and didn’t even question me … glad I double checked the schedule as it was 60 second repeats.  Quite a difference!  Anyway, this session was the best of all this week.  The warm up felt good (but more like part of the actual session as I don’t yet have a different pace).  The 60 second repeats were fun because I knew they wouldn’t last forever.  I listened to Eddies advice and was sure to be careful not to kill myself in the first 30 seconds.  I am proud to say I managed an average 7 minute mile pace.  Don’t mock – that’s massive for me.  I didn’t know I could go that fast!  The only issue is they weren’t consistent.  The last one was hell.  I’ll get better though.

Diet wise – I am a fekking mess.  Eating everything again so all the hard work getting 21lbs off may go down the drain.  I’m going to have to cut out bread and chocolate as I apparently sold my will power to the devil.  I am determined to hit target weight (10 1/2 stone in case you care) by end of January.

Just to quickly add a tiny bit about the Like The Wind pop-up shop in Shoreditch (twice). Really good. Saw the Desert Runners movie on the Wednesday (Samantha Gash is amazing) and on the Friday I was fully in awe of 7 amazing speakers. Who knew our very own Robbie Britton could be so entertaining yet thought provoking. I came away from it with some advice from Steve Way ….. get the following items in order and I’m heading in the direction to being my best.

  • Healthy living
  • Sleep
  • Core and Strength
  • Consistency and Mileage
I’m currently falling at the first hurdle as my living is far from healthy.
See you next week :o)

8 responses

  1. Slow and steady! The healthy living will come along – if you try and do everything at once it could be overwhelming. You’ve made a good start – you’ll probably find the healthy bit will sneak up on you at some point! 😀

    Keep going – 1 week down 😀 X

  2. Great diary and so refreshing to read. Walking fast is my downfall and something I really need to improve on to give myself half a chance so it is good to read how it has been fitted into your plan. If you are ever in the Brighton area and fancy a yomp/crawl/shuffle over the Downs do give me a shout. Keep the faith Nic, you are doing great..one step at a time. B x

  3. Hi there!! I’ve got a bit of insomnia going on and had an email from wordpress earlier about checking this site out….. So I came across your blog!! Impressed you’re still going strong! Strongish! Good luck with the training – you’ll be grand!! 😃

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