Week 2 of 48 : Popeye is the devil …..

I’m just going to say this now. I hate Popeye and Sgt Edwina Sutton*. Both in equal measure.

Sunday night I get the weeks plan and my assumption that Mondays will always be a rest day are dashed. Strength training apparently. That should be fun considering I have the strength of wet lettuce. So, along with my run training plan I get sent a well put together strength plan with pictures and clear descriptions. I calm down a bit as to be honest it looks bloody simple. Longest on any one item was 30 seconds, only 6 tricep dips and only 2 circuits of the whole list. Piece of piss. Easy day.

Monday at lunchtime I am face first on my living room floor in a pool of sweat plotting ways to kill Eddie. I whimpered through the tricep dips. I counted how many rocks I’d throw at her with each mountain climber move. Popeye planks are nowhere close to as fun as they sound. Easy day my arse!!

Tuesday had ‘very easy 3 miles’ on the menu. Define ‘very easy’. Can I use the bus? However I totally shocked the shit out of myself and ran my fastest 3 miles in 18 months. Even got faster with each mile to average just over 10 minute miles. Baby steps but right now that’s massive!! Speaking of shocking the shit out of myself …. there might be a reason I got faster. I consumed my body weight in sugar free sweets all day. Why is this an issue I hear you ask (I’m clairvoyant)? Try it and report back to me how many toilet dashes you had to make. I’ll take a vindaloo curry over sugar free sweets from now on ta very much.

Wednesday had the conflicting instruction of ‘Rest AND strength training’. Personally I think the Sgt’s a stand up comic. I’m not laughing though. I now have a chair in my living room dedicated to the tricep dips. I sit on the sofa glaring at it while eating grapes. When doing the Popeye Plank I tried to name all the characters to pass the time. I got as far as Popeye and Brutus then just stared at my forearms praying for the doorbell to ring. Seriously though, I totally get why strength training is important. After all how can I expect my core to support me for 100 miles if I don’t prepare it? I’ll keep doing it but I don’t have to like it. *childish flounce out of room*

Thursday was to be the fabulous training highlight of the week. I’d been looking forward to this with childish delight. Intervals!! Sadly I messed it all up though. Firstly I went too fast on my warm up section (9 minute miles!!) and then the speed sections were shorter so I felt like I was having to sprint each time to get to the set speed and then once I got there it was time to walk/jog again. I have dropped hints that I’d like longer speed sections. Cross your fingers and toes for me. I did all 6 sections though as they are still way more fun than bloody strength sets.

Friday is the only total rest day on the plan and I found myself up in the Lake District with my running buddy Jacqui and we accidentally jogged 2 miles to get supplies for the weekend. Sorry coach. We couldn’t help ourselves!

Saturday and Sunday are just too awesome and should probably have their own blog post (but I’m knackered so they won’t). We spent Saturday doing another recce of Ambleside to Conniston as part of my LL50 prep and then Sunday doing the Fairfields Horseshoe loop which was incredibly hard. So about 28 miles for the weekend including a little jog up to Ambleside and back for supplies on Friday night. I am quite in love with the Lakes.

I’d like to add that I really intended to do the Tuesday run in the morning but getting to sleep at gone midnight did not lend well to me being cooperative when the alarm went off at 5am. Must remember that sleep is massively important in this whole plan. Going forward I’m going to make every effort to get myself in bed at 10pm if I plan on an early session.

*I don’t hate her – she’s making me love this malarky again.



2 responses

  1. Popeye plank? With a chair? Hmmmmmmm
    I’m marshalling LL50/100 next year. My only suggestion. Get yourself a theme tune. It entertained the hell out of a few people as I sang to myself through the night section. Don’t stop me now……. I’m having such a good time…… I’m having a ball……..
    Keep up the good work.

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