Week 3 of 48 : No Sex Before Fight Day.

Well here we are at week 3. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that once you’ve stuck with something for 3 weeks it’s easier to keep going. That might have been when I quit smoking but pretty sure the theory is still the same. 2 1/2 years without smoking by the way.

On the train back from the Lakes on Monday I managed to get internet signal long enough to check out the schedule for the week and I could have hugged Eddie when I saw that I could just get home and collapse. A proper Rest Day. Wooohoooo.

The niceness v meanness balance was redressed on Tuesday though when I had 30 mins run AND strength training. The run was meant to be ‘easy’ but I’m struggling to understand what my different paces are and knocked out 3 miles in the 30 minutes. The strength training was still hard but I coped better than last week. Popeyes maybe not such a bastard.

Tuesdays interval training didn’t happen due to a bit of a scare with some man when I got off the bus. I’m considering some type of self defence classes as my plan to stab him in the face with my house key was the only plan I had. I replaced the planned run with strength training and as I was whimpering through I thought of that man and how being stronger can be a good thing for more than just my running. Popeye didn’t seem so bad when I thought about it that way.

Now don’t start thinking that my missing the session is the slippery slope to me giving up. Wednesday was meant to be a blissful rest day but I got up at stupid o’clock to do it. Unfortunately it went horribly wrong. I really need to figure out my stomach issues. I had to abort this with a pitiful jog/walk at 1.9 miles due to the very real likelihood of me crapping myself. Not something the good early morning folks of W10 should be subjected to! Repeat attempt in the evening went a bit better. Intervals sessions with some wired timings that kept me distracted trying to remember them. I had considered writing it down on my hand but god knows what the paramedics would think when rescuing me from the canal. 15W/J, 3/3, 2/2, 1/1, 15J became 3.6 miles :o)

Had a lovely phone call from my big brother on Thursday night and he mentioned he’d been keeping up with my running stuff. Given we’re not super close and don’t chat often this was lovely to hear and gave me quite a little boost.

Fridays plan was 4 miles easy. This was quite uneventful thanks to taking Imodium before going to bed and once more when I woke up at 5:30 although I did spend the rest of the day feeling quite bloated. Need to figure that issue out. Anyway the run itself felt a bit sluggish yet surprising when I looked at my time at the end I had averaged 10:40 per mile. I won’t bore you (further) with the breakdown but I also was quite surprised to see each mile got progressively quicker. Incidentally it was absolutely pissing it down and I loved it. Have also seen the same early morning street sweeper 3 times now and we say hello each time. In London!!!

Sadly this is where the week went downhill (training wise). I should have run 3 miles on Saturday plus a strength training session and then Sunday was to be a 90 minute run (distance not set).

Well, instead I had a fabulous visitor (none of your business) for the weekend and I finally managed to drag myself out on Sunday for a 3 mile run. I think Eddie must have had a spy in my flat and knows I was bad as before even confessing to her my sins she has sent this next weeks plan and there is hill work in there. Hill Work!!! WTF? I consider speed bumps an excuse to walk!

I’m sure I read somewhere that sex is bad for you when in training. That might be just boxers though.

So my learning for this week is that I need to let Eddie know all of my social stuff ahead of time so she can adjust the plan around it. I do not want to start that slippery slope of thinking “Oh, I’ll do that run tomorrow”. Also as mentioned up there ^ I need to sort this poo issue out as I suspect there are longer runs coming up in my near furture and I’m already tired of them getting ruined by cramps and fear. I have been dealing (poorly) with this issue for nearly 2 years. Not sure this is a learning but I did note that my legs have felt very ache-y (spelling?) at night when trying to sleep. I know that makes no sense and is probably not connected to the heavy weekend in the Lakes.

Anyhoo …. that’s enough boredom for this week. Thanks for tagging along on my journey. Only 39 weeks to go *sigh*.

Nici x


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  1. Fingers (and legs) crossed you find a solution to the wonderfully timed loo issues. Nutrition & healthy insides aside – sounds like you’re doing very well. Keep up the good work and focus…… That didn’t sound right…… You’re doing awesome!!

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