Week 4 of 48 : And so begins the long game …

Remember last week and my abysmal attitude to my training plan when I had gorgeous company come to stay? I confessed all to Eddie both here in blog but also privately. She did not nag, chide, berate or anything. She simply used one word.


Ouch. A well deserved ouch.

Never again (on missing training). Better planning is needed. When I’m struggling at mile 80 it will not be because I didn’t prepare!

Monday was another one of those funny ‘Rest Day with Strength Training’ (yeah I don’t get the contradiction either but I’m sure as hell not going to argue with her). Anyway this was good as I had some serious sleep to catch up on.

Tuesday was an easy 4 miles and I decided I wanted to jog out and find a local hill that will be needed for Wednesdays session. So I plodded up to the Abbey Lane studios. Have you seen the Beatles fan graffiti? They’re never getting their deposit back. Yep, there’s a nice hill just before there that will work. Anyway, I was actually quite enjoying myself when like fucking clockwork I get hit with stomach cramps. FFS. Had to walk for about 5 minutes to calm it down. I then decided that I didn’t give a shit (bad pun) what happened I was not walking 2 miles home so I picked the run back up and picked up the pace to make up for the walk. Made it home in 41:40 so just over 10:28 mile pace and a true learning what the phrase ‘turtle head’ means.

Decipher this : 15EWJ, (45FU, ED) x 6, 15ECJ. That was Wednesdays hill session. For the love of God why didn’t I fall in love with Jelly Bean counting as a hobby. I am broken. Basically I jogged to the hill I had checked out the night before. Now Sgt had said it didn’t matter how steep just as long as there was some incline. This had a 5% incline and I’m not sure if that’s considered steep or not but it certainly felt like a vertical wall to my poor legs. I had to sprint up this fucker for about 45 seconds then jog easy back down and then repeat this 5 more times to the great amusement of the locals who were enjoying their smokes out on their balcony. Then an easy jog home. I think crawling on my hands and knees through Liverpool Street Station at 3am would have held more dignity than what I was able to muster on that ‘easy jog’ home. This session really, really hurt but I’m quite happy as I kind of felt some improvement.

Due to some planned drinking on Friday the Sgt let me swap my Rest Day and do Fridays easy 5 mile session on Thursday (I love how she always calls them ‘easy’ hahaha). I have to say though if you had told me 4 weeks ago I would have had such a good run I would have laughed at you. I have never, ever been able to figure out how to pace myself. Yet miles 2, 3 and 4 were the exact same pace down to the second at 10:17 each. I’m not sure if it helped but I tried a Paula Radcliffe thing of counting calmly to myself. Now granted she knocks out a mile in the count of 300 and that was never going to be in my plan but the calm counting of paces gave me something to think about, became a bit of a game and actually stopped me thinking of the distance. I messed up in mile 5 though as I got a tad lost so that was a minute longer for that one. Anyway point to this is I am feeling really encouraged by things and did 5 miles in 54 minutes flat. I will say though that I was very grateful for the slow moving tourist coming up the Southwark tube steps on Friday morning though. Normally I would be a typical Londoner and tut, glare and dramatically overtake making it clear they had no business being out of their hotel so early in the day. No, I appreciated the slow walk up.

My legs are aching a bit and Saturdays lie in cannot come soon enough.

Saturday was the first day in a long time where I had absolutely nothing social planned. I didn’t get out of bed until 9:30, plodded around the flat for a few hours and then got ready for my long run. Now I realise that ‘long run’ is different for everyone so I’ll take no sniggering here when I tell you the plan stated 90 minutes. Eddie gave me a little plan for how she wanted me to tackle this and I did my best to follow her guide but towards the end I struggled a bit due to canal boat tow ropes and tired legs. However I managed 7.7 miles (yes, I am proudly claiming the .7). Oh, guess what was in the notes for todays session “Lakeland 50 training starts here”. What the hell have I been doing for 4 weeks. Twiddling my thumbs?

Had a brief messenger chat with Sgt Eddie which was nice. I honestly can’t stress enough how having to be accountable to someone is a massive help for me. It also helps when you have oodles of respect for the person you are reporting in to. Even though I think she’s a secret sadist.

I must shamefully confess that Sundays session was brought to you courtesy of a treadmill at a rather posh hotel. It was only meant to be a 20 minute session but I gave it a penance for being a piece of witchcraft and did 4.4 miles. Of course no week is complete without another strength session. I’m going to be honest and say I still don’t like the strength part of this training and its causing me pain in my hip and my upper arms (accident related?) but I will persevere. It was fun watching the other spa users faces trying to figure out what on earth I was doing.

Have I learned anything major this week? Hmmmm, nothing earth shattering but I have learned that I must be patient because foundations are important and that I’m actually quite obedient when I want to be (contradiction?).

Can’t wait to see what’s on next weeks plan and how she’s going to incorporate a trip to Kiltville.

See you next week x

Ps. Check out the little booties I had to put on my feet to access the gym via the pool area. Stylish no?



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