Week 5 of 48 : R. I. P Nici (I have man flu) …

Time for my weekly accountability session in the form of this blog. I am a bit concerned that this is going to start becoming boring and monotonous. 48 weeks of “….. and today I didn’t shit myself” and “…… ooooo check me out not dying at 5 miles” could make you lose the will to live. In fact this blog may end up being the endurance part of my training that I DNF on!

So on that note let’s start the sleep inducing breakdown.

Monday thankfully was a Rest Day as I was working in Wakefield and didn’t get home until late. I did consider doing some strength training on the train to annoy the man across from me who spent 4 hours chewing gum really loudly. It’s one of those noises that once you try to ignore it then it’s ALL you can hear. I mentally plotted his silence in many forms.

Tuesday riddle time. Try this one 1.5 EWU, (4F, 2R, 2F, 2R) x 2, 1.0 ECD. It resulted in 4.9 miles (wtf …. not 5?) with a pace of 9:19! Yes, sub 10 minute miles!! My heart literally felt like it was going to explode which was NOT the point of the session and I swallowed down a bit of vomit. Dramatic? Maybe but it’s my drama so let me have it.

“V v v v Easy 4 miles” were the only instructions for Wednesday. Now I could sit here and be all smug and say I did this in 39:31 which you mathematicians will see is another run of sub 10 minute mile average. However that’s only if you look at Strava. The reality is that thanks to bloody traffic lights there were three times I stopped my Garmin. Don’t judge me – they were exceptionally long lights even for London. I am a realist though and I know that 4 miles non stop at that speed is going to prove tough if nigh on impossible..

Thursday is a similar story to Wednesday. 5 easy miles done in 49 minutes plus traffic lights. Only embarrassing difference is that the stomach cramps got the better of me on the top side of Regents Park. Thankfully there are quite a few discreet trees, bushes and sections of undergrowth by the canal. I tried not to focus on the other things rustling about in the undergrowth with me. Also thankfully I had full kit on so had tissues and a ziplock bag. I am an avid supporter of dog poo bins by the way :o)

Friday is that joyful mecca know as Rest Day and as I sit on a train to Glasgow updating this it has suddenly occurred to me that I have done no strength training this week. I haven’t ignored it. It simply wasn’t on planner. I have a feeling my mentioning this will be to my detriment next week. (yes, I make blog notes each day … it’s the only way it would ever get done on time each week).

Saturday I was quite excited as I love running in new places. I’d checked out the area and mapped out a nice 90 minute run off road. Nothing too strenuous but my knees needed a break from road. Anne-Marie dropped me off with the plan that I would meet her back at the car in 90 minutes. Well, after yet another stomach issue she saw me again in 10 minutes. Run aborted. I was mortified. I am so incredibly sick of this issue. Went back a few hours later for round 2 with determination, a pack of tissues and a head torch. Two pit stops, one startled runner appearing out of nowhere who I scared almost into rolling down the hill and a darkness that was so incredibly beautiful and I did 8 miles at 11 minute mile pace. Totally happy with that.

Thankfully Sunday was only set for a 20 minute jog. I’m ashamed to say I only managed 1 1/2 miles. I’ve managed to come down with a snuffly nose. Breathing is not fun right now. I’m like a man when I have a cold. I am now officially dying.

Learning points this week are to cut down on the caffeine as this could well be a poo contributor, I’m happiest once I’ve been for a night run and I quite like Scotland (it doesn’t beat my first love though … The Lakes)

*sniff* *cough* *sniff* *sneeze*


2 responses

  1. Keep up the blogging. I’m not asleep (yet) although I’m still trying to decipher your coded runs. Unintentional pun there!!
    Pelvic floor exercises might help in that area. I used to have a similar issue but it got resolved through surgery. Not recommended as a training aid lol!!

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