Week 6 of 48 : The week that almost wasn’t …..

Dear faithful readers (both of you) you may recall my dramatics of last week whereby I declared I was dying. Obviously I wasn’t and didn’t but the head cold won and on instructions from Eddie I took a few days off. I was quite worried about it affecting the good work we’d started but her words are wise.

“JUST REST. There is no point flogging yourself we have weeks of training ahead and for a few days rest you will be back running again by the weekend and we can alter your plan then. Just let body get better. Listen to what it is saying and don’t punish it, its doing jolly well so far!”

Monday was a rest day anyway but upon the above advice I also spent the rest of the week wrapped up warm on the sofa.  Normally this would be good face stuffing time but as everything tastes like cardboard it wasn’t worth it.

Saturday morning I had already made plans to go down to the South Downs with my running buddy, Jacqui.  I still felt a bit crap but didn’t want to let her down so off we went with maps, compass and an evil grin. Hers.

I haven’t touched a compass in over 20 years and I really want to understand how to get myself back on track if things go wrong.  All the gps devices are great and I Iove mine but after a scary few moments up on Fairfield Horseshoe in thick clag I decided I needed some old school skills.  I was handed instructions which included grid refs and pictures of places I needed to find. It was a fab if slow day.  I was only off course once.  Just under 12 miles.  Lungs hurt from the cold air or maybe a bit of the cold left over.  Either way, a good day.  Bonus was at the end putting my feet up in the pub next to train station drinking cider.  All training sessions should end in such a way.

Sunday I procrastinated all day and finally got out of the door at 5:30pm.  I have no idea why.  I wasn’t dreading the session.  I got caught up on the sofa watching stuff on Netflix and that is my only excuse.  Anyway, out the door for a 3 mile easy jog.  First two miles felt really comfy at just under 10 minute miles and then the bloody stomach cramps showed up.  I honestly only have myself to blame this time because I fell face first into pizza on Saturday night.  So mile 3 was over 12 minutes due to lots of enforced walking.  Made it home with 3.3 miles and when going in to update plan saw with horror I was meant to do 4 miles!! FFS. Double strength session as a penance it is then.

Learning for this week is that you need to listen to your body and your coach.  They both know best.  You also need to stay away from pizza.  Fact.

I’ve had a peek at next weeks plan and as I have a marathon on Saturday I assumed the week would be easy.  There’s something called a ‘progression run’ on tuesday.  Erm ok.  Also the Sgt has taken the Sunday marathon off the plan (yes, I had originally planned on a double next weekend).  At first I though I would still go ahead and do both as she’ll never know right.  Then I sat and verbally berated myself.  What’s the point in paying good money for a coach if you’re just going to ignore the advice, experience and instructions.  So Sunday I will be supporting my good mate Vicky.  I may even dress as a cheerleader.  Watch this space.

Nici x