Week 8 of 48 : Only a full term pregnancy to go …..

No, before anyone gets confused I am NOT pregnant.  Just pointing out that I could grow a child in the time I have left now before the 100 miler.  So, it’d be kind of cool if one of you would get pregnant so you can deliver at the finish line.  No?

I see now why a few people told me that it’s all very well enjoying this training properly malarky at the beginning and getting excited seeing results but that there would come a point where it gets a little harder to stick with it.  Well, this week if I were my old self I would have found reasons aplenty to quit.  Serious lack of physical energy coupled with a gut that wants to say ‘hello’ every run has not made for a great week.  This is why dear readers I have a coach, why I post this blog each week, why I put my sessions on Strava and why half the world knows I have two big races next year.  I have to have people to stay accountable to or I will find excuses.  I know me.  Thank you.

Monday was a blessed rest day.  My neck, shoulders and arms were feeling quite stiff.  Apparently my strength work is all going towards helping with this.  Also the fact is was bloody freezing for 26 miles may have made me a bit more tense which is weird as I was never cold at any point.  I’m quite lucky that I don’t suffer with the cold like some.

Eddie has given me my training plan for the next couple of weeks so I can be sure it works with my plans over the holidays.  I totally love that she ‘gets’ making training not take over my life (or I’ll end up single again) but instead making sure I get quality sessions in.  I’m quite excited by some of the sessions and hating the sound of others.  However, I’ll get it done as the next marathon is Jan 3rd and I’m aiming for 5:15.  There, I said it.  Next goal declared (otherwise known as ‘Words of a Fool’).

Tuesday.  Plan was noted as ‘Easy recovery 3 – 4 miles … super, super easy followed by strength’.  Problem here is she didn’t set me a pace to aim for and stay at.  I set off at what felt like a nice easy jog and it wasn’t until I checked the watch at just under 3 miles when I saw I have been doing around 10:15 so even though I now felt like I wanted to slow down my brain wouldn’t let me.  Only had a mile to go might as well work for it.  I popped a note in plan to ask Eddie to set pace guide for me for a while as it seems I go too fast otherwise.  Now I know some of you are thinking that maybe that IS my easy pace and I should just settle in with it but I am struggling to accept that right now.

I spotted a problem on Wednesday.  Plan noted ‘Steady 4-5 miles, a little bit quicker than yesterday around 10:30 mm pace’.  Do you see the problem?  Exactly.  If I have to go quicker than Tuesday night then 10:30mm is not going to cut it.  Wish I bloody paid better attention and gone slower now.  So it was a painful, hard 5 miles with an average 9:57 pace.  Everything ached.  Even my eyelashes.  Seriously though, dramatics aside, this was hard.  I’m hoping the aching is just Saturday catching up with me.  In fact, there’s no point even dwelling on it … of course that’s what it is.  What I’m not going to do is mention it to anyone who is less than supportive as then I get the whole “ …. oh running is not good for you” etc.  When these are the very same people who were not concerned about my health when I was smoking 40 a day and shovelling Maccy D’s in my face.  Anyone else get this?  I can’t be alone in my frustration here.

Thursday was a disaster.  Was really looking forward to it as it was the ‘session of the week’.  I think Eddie has caught on that I really like the ones where I have to do different things (intervals, progression, hills etc).  Anyway, I was 1 1/2 miles in when I was sidelined with stomach cramps.  Looking at my diet the common factor seems to be bread so I’m going totally bread free for a few weeks and see what happens.  Bit annoying with Christmas (aka food heaven) coming up.

Fridays rest day became ‘Thursday Do-Over Day’.  2nd attempt at previous session failed !!  Made it 0.6 miles before the stomach took over.  Back home to regroup (so to speak) and out for 3rd attempt and all I can say is “Thank God for public toilets”.  If those buggers were open at night I’d be sorted.  Anyway it was a really hard session.  I just have no energy (this may or may not be related to no food staying in me) and I barely managed to do the required 1 mile warm up, 4 min at 9mm with 2 min recovery (x4) and 1 mile cool down.  Mileage for session came out to 4 miles so that makes 6.1 with my cumulative efforts on 1 bloody session!!

Saturday was this weeks day for my long run and given my current ‘issues’ I was really not looking forward to it.  It’s actually quite a horrible feeling knowing something you are starting to enjoy again is getting ruined by your own body.  I really wanted to head out west along the canal but was too scared to as there are no public toilets (or discreet bushes).  So I decided to be sensible and stay close to home.  I did two small loops near the flat and popped inside at just under 3 miles, used the toilet and then I headed right back out for another hour.  I got brave and did one big massive loop with a little stretch of canal included.  It worked.  No public poo panics.  Nutrition still up in the air though and I didn’t take any food just sports drink.  I’m going to have to sort that out as I started feel hungry again right before 7 miles and next weekend I have a 2 hour long run to deal with.  Total distance for run 8.3 miles and kept a nice steady slow pace of just under 11mm.  Not a perfect long run as was looking forward a mostly soft ground under my feet but still it’s all headed in the right direction.

Sunday I had plans to go out and see my folks as I am heading to Scotland for Christmas and New Year.  Eddie was lovely and gave me a kind of fun session.  Basically run out for 15 minutes and try and get back in 12 mins.  I got back in 13 but my overall pace was 9:20mm so happy with that.  My lungs not so much.  Had a nice quiet day with folks and then was planning on going for a little jog along the high street to look at Christmas decorations but got home and decided it’s not on the plan so nope.  I know it seems silly that I’m not being flexible but in fairness to Eddie she is really flexible in what she plans as long as I tell her what I have going on so adding my own stuff again defeats the purpose of having her on board with this goal.

I am sure that I will overindulge in the next week but I will stay on top of things training wise as we have that 5:15 goal on the 3rd of Jan.  Have a fabulous Christmas (insert your name of choice for the upcoming festivities), eat loads, laugh loudly and hug someone special.

I’ll see you all next week.

Nici x


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