Week 10 of 48 : Training on Tour … still :)

Monday is without a doubt my favourite day this week. Plan said ‘Easy 30 minutes’ and as I was up in Scotland the lovely, talented Debs Martin-Consani said she’d come for a jog with me. Now for those of you who know our Debs will no doubt be aware of her running CV. Impressive is one word to describe it. So to have this team GB runner offer to come jog with plodding old me was a bit daunting. We chose to meet at 9am at a country park that was about mid way between us both. Funniest is it took longer to drive than what we actually planned to run. Something I had not accounted for was how hard the early morning cold air is on your lungs. Literally within 5 minutes of taking off I was struggling to breathe and at one point even thought I was going to need to throw up. We were going so slow I’m sure Deb was jogging on the spot to stay warm. It was icy so a bit of careful footing was needed and of course I had to make my routine dash behind a tree. FFS. Quite gutted we didn’t meet up on the Saturday last week when I had my nice 10 mile run as my lungs had nicely warmed up just as it was time for us to stop. I feel really bad for Debs but totally grinning big that she took time for me.

Tuesday was interval day. 1 mile warm up and then 10 x 30 sec speed sections with 2 min recovery and 1 mile cool down. Anne Marie took me to a local park in Greenock for this and dear lord every child and dog in town was there. How many of you got your kids a new bike or a remote control car for Christmas???? I swear I got some good core work done in this session too with all the quick side to side and mini jumps I had to do. Session went well and dare I say that I even enjoyed it a little. Ended up with 4 miles with an average pace of 10:02 min mile. :02!!! My speed sections were at an approximate pace of 6:30 min mile. Watch out Mo … I’m coming for you!!

Wednesday. Last run of 2014. I thought about running naked to mark the occasion but don’t have enough money for the bail and the therapy sessions folks would need after seeing such a sight. Instead Eddie had me warm up for 10 minutes then 20 mins and 14 seconds at 10 minute mile and then cool down for 10 minutes. To be honest pace went out the window and there was a tiny walk break due to stomach at about 2 miles. I ended up with 3.9 miles at 10:15 min mile average. Still, I’m happy with that considering I started the year out in abysmal style and certainly had no idea how to pace or train. Best move I made this year was starting back from scratch and taking on Eddie as my coach. She is awesome and together we are going to bag that 100 miler in style.

I’m also so totally blessed this year to have met and fallen in love with a crazy little Scottish woman who tolerates my hobby and is so incredibly supportive when it all goes wrong. It’s easy to support when things are going great but to pick up the pieces when you’ve had a shitty session (literally) is not so easy and totally deserves a medal. I do wish I’d taken note of her living at the top of a bloody hill though before falling for her. Rapunzel in her ivory tower is no joke I’m telling you!! Seriously though, every time I come to stay I get a tad jealous of the stunning setting in which she lives. It also needs to be noted that she’s already formed a crew for me should I ever feel brave enough to take on the West Highland Way Race. Kate and Christine … take note!! Bless them … I may not be able to walk ever again after September 2015.

Thursday and Friday had the rare distinction of being back to back rest days. Bloody good job really as I stayed in bed pretty much all day on New Years Day and then had to schlep down to Milton Keynes on the Friday.

So Saturday was marathon day. There’s no point dragging this out … I didn’t hit my 5:15 goal. I’m ok with that though. My stomach gave me desperate dashes to the pub toilets twice (despite having popped Imodium) , it rained the entire time and this made me cold and then to top it off my hip/lower back started giving me it’s old issues at about mile 13 and I forgot to take any pain pills out with me. Oh, and yet again I did the whole thing on 1 Mars Bar (out of fear of my guts). Lets look on the good side though … I had more good miles than bad miles, I made it to the toilet in time when needed, I kept moving forward (except for pub breaks obviously) and I didn’t fall over. My finish time was 5:37 (moving time of 5:23). Seriously though, no pity needed or wanted as I am more than happy with that given the factors mentioned. I am going to start keeping a food diary from Monday and look into a nutritionist as this is beyond out of control now.

Sunday was a sort of freebie day. I’d originally signed up for the double (marathon Saturday and Sunday) but then when I joined forces with Eddie she said ‘No’ to the Sunday. I decided I would jog a couple of the loops though and she was ok with that. Woke up this morning to a Hitchcock scene outside the hotel. Thick must, eerie silence and a bitter cold air. Race Directors delayed start by an hour and then offered deferral to anyone who didn’t feel it in their best interests to attempt. Based upon that myself and a few others decided to walk a lap. It was a nice 3.5 mile walk and we got to cheer the hardy souls who chose to run.

So, that’s week 10 done. I’m feeling more confident about this coming year and the challenges I’ve taken on. Biggest challenge though is convincing Eddie to let me attempt Quadzilla.

Same time next week.

Nici x


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  1. sounds like you’ve had a great week, and you can’t call yourself a runner until you’ve poohed mid run behind a bush or in my case, BT cable box. Keep running, and reminding that Scottish bird of yours, how much you love her. Happy New Year x

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