Week 14 of 48 : This programme has been sponsored by snot …..

It’s been a tough week and even though some really good things have happened I still struggled to get out of my PJ’s on some days. I’m finally seeing a light at the end of that stupid proverbial tunnel (I have a good head torch though so it’s ok if I’m in here a bit longer). I’ve made some decisions about my life, some big some small but all for the better. Thank so much everyone for allowing my normally positive smile to slip and mostly for doing so without trying to fix things or fix me.

On Sunday night Eddie sent me the loveliest email and yes, I may be a little emotional right now but it made me cry. Don’t for one minute think she said anything fluffy like “ … take the week off, wrap up in a blankie, I’ll bring you chocolates ….” Hell no, it was more along the lines of “ … suck it up buttercup, ain’t nobody caring if you’re hurting’ ….” Ok, maybe not quite that harsh but basically she reminded me that I am a bloody strong, determined, stubborn person and I am doing this for me. I am not going to go down without a fight and I will not let the depression I live with ever win. So ‘up yours’ world. I’m coming to get you.

Right. Lets get this blog back to where it should be … focussed on the plan and not wallowing in a pool of pity.

Then I get a bloody cold. Snotty nosed, chesty cough, headache type thing … FFS. Oh well, I gave birth in a hurricane (yep, I sure did) I can hardly bitch over a little snot.

Monday – strength work. I honestly thought she had forgotten about this and I sure as hell was not going to mention it. Felt like I was back at square one with it. Bloody Popeye!!

Tuesday – Intervals. I absolutely, positively love intervals. w/u 10, 6 x 2 mins w/3 rec ( 2 sub 10, 4 sub 9), c/d 10. That mumble jumble equated to me almost throwing up (snot induced) and 4 miles.

Wednesday – Easy, easy 40 mins. I listened to the ‘easy, easy’ bit and just plodded around the block for 4 miles. I wish I could say I was sweating the cold out but I think it’s enjoying hanging out with me.

Thursday – After a spectacular morning business wise I totally blew off todays session in favour of climbing into bed for the rest of the day. It had to be done. I’m eating so much snot I’m tempted to look up the calorie content!!

Friday – Then felt guilty about yesterday so used my rest day to do the missed session. Basically I had to warm up for a mile and then run fast for 20 minutes and then cool down for a mile and a half. How fast should the 20 minutes be? Now you will love this line from the plan ….

“ … out of breath and working hard, make sure you can breathe but ONLY ENOUGH TO PANT YOUR NAME AND BLOOD GROUP TO PASSING PARAMEDICS…..”.

That, ladies and gents, is why I love Eddie. She knows my humour. She knows that would have me smiling while dying.

Saturday & Sunday – For logistical reasons I swapped the weekend sessions around and did an easy 3 miles on Saturday and then took myself out to Richmond Park on Sunday for a lovely 15 miler. I went alone and I’m glad now. I really got some good thinking time out there with the deer. Normally when I go to Richmond I just do the outer edges for maximum mileage but this time I zig zagged all over the place. Found tracks I didn’t know were there. Tripped over a tree root while trying to race a cyclist. She won. Found womens rugby *cough*.

So, this week feels a bit like I’ve gone backwards ability wise but to be fair the last few weeks have not exactly lent themselves to forward motion so I’m ok with that. Mostly though, ended my week on a really good note.

See you all next week and I hope your 1st month of the year has been grand and that your plans are taking shape.

Nici x



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