Week 15 of 48 : Milton Keynes … where dreams drown in goose shit.

I have accepted that I will have no life as such for the next 6 months.  As some of you know I have just been awarded quite a demanding contract and the first week proved that with around 60 hours on site.  This left little time for much else.  If it weren’t for my absolute fear of being ill prepared later in the year I would have likely blown off some of the sessions.  Plus, I’m just a bit scared of Eddie too.

So with that said, don’t expect this report or the performances to be impressive.  Mediocre will have to suffice for this week.

Monday – strength work.  Really not loving this at all.  Just have zero upper body strength.  You’d think all these years of drinking would have at least given me arm strength! 10.5 hours on site.

Tuesday – Intervals.  I swear she puts these early in the week to keep me interested.  This week was a 10m w/u, followed by a 5,4,3,2,1 countdown and a 15m c/d.  This equated to a hair over 5 miles.  I was not happy about the long day though.  13 hours on site meant this session happened at silly o’clock at night.

Wednesday – Rest and boy did I need it.  12 hours on site.  I have developed a new passion for my bed.

Thursday – Fabulously, easy 4 and I made sure that I didn’t do so much as a centimetre over the required distance.  I literally jogged in two big loops near the flat that I knew would give me exact distance and again this was done at silly o’clock due to a 15 hour site day.  Yes, 15 hours!!  Wtf?

Friday – Rest day again which was good as I was up at 4am, put in a 11.5 hour day and then hopped on the train to Milton Keynes.  I am not shy about the fact I am not a fan of Milton Keynes but the lovely Enigma Running are up there and despite my best efforts I can’t seem to persuade David to move!  I managed to talk my partner in crime Jacqui into coming with me.  I didn’t even try to pretty it up.  I think my words were “Would you like to come to the most uninspiring place on earth and watch me run in circles?  I promise if you’re not depressed beforehand then you will be by the time we leave Sunday morning”   Strange girl said yes.

Saturday – I think the long hours worked this week and poor planning with the training might have played a factor in the result here.  5:35 for my 19th marathon.  Still it’s only 9 minutes off my PB and only 20 minutes away from that elusive 5:15 that I want to put to bed.  This is the reason I am going to keep a track of my site hours alongside the training schedule as this will be useful (I think) when I look back on this record in the future.  Massive thanks to Jacqui for keeping me company on a few of the laps and for running ahead to get me pain meds when my hip went on lap 4.  As always, she kept me laughing but the best laugh of the day went to Paul Sahota who jogged with me for about 2 miles and when we talked about how I had gone into business for myself he said “Well, lets face it … at your age you’re pretty much unemployable”.  I thought Jacqui was going to fall in the lake she was laughing so hard.  Saturday afternoon was spent in the bar of the hotel with other runners and I felt quite guilty about being tired after just one marathon when they had all done three that week so far but to be honest I think the work week had caught me too so I was in bed about 9pm.

Sunday – Eddie said I had to get up and run at least 6 miles.  She warned me the first few miles would be tough but then it would get easier.  She wanted me out on tired legs.  Problem is Eddie didn’t factor that we would be running in the opposite direction as the Sunday marathon runners so we couldn’t help ourselves giving high fives and making victory arches.  Plus there was some exercise equipment out around the lake that we couldn’t resist playing on.  Jacqui didn’t care for one of them and when I kept getting faster she informed me she was going to either vomit or pee on me.  Charming!!  Anyway.  7 fun miles done.  A tad sore but glad I did them.

What I have learned this week is that I am going to have to seriously manage my time.  I’ve looked ahead at next weeks schedule and I think my best plan is to run home from site a couple of the days as site is just over 3 miles from the flat.  On the days where I need a little more distance I can maybe loop along the Thames or something first.

Oh and I am a bit scared of what Jacqui is going to have me do to repay the favour of forcing her to visit the Village of the Damned.  I foresee me crewing her on some extreme outing that will involve cattle prods and passports.  She’s a good mate so I guess I’ll do it.

Nici x


2 responses

  1. J sounds like a great mate – cattle prods and passports sounds like what i do for a living! Excellent marathon time especially when you take into account your long days at work – you’re doing well – keep going and always take J with you as she’s good for you xx

    • Ha! She’s crazy. Taking her just means she’s more likely to get arrested before I do. Our friendship was cemented when she taught me at mile 15 how to do a ‘snot rocket’. We are class.

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