Week 17 of 48 : I know where the devil is ….

Every day I update my training on a little note app on my phone.  Gives me something to do on the bus aside from marvelling at the differing smells that emanate from the seats.  Seriously, do they EVER clean them and I mean properly clean them as I am starting to doubt this.  I sat on a bus on Wednesday and I swear it smelled like a cross between a kebab and Old Spice.

I digress.  This week even this note taking task seemed a chore.  I think it’s because I feel guilt over the gym joining decision.  I mean how interesting can I possibly make a treadmill session sound?  You think the bus seats smell bad?  A gym smells like stinking armpits, lost hopes and inflated egos.

Therefore my disclaimer is that all weekday sections will be as uninspiring as Justin Bieber for the next 5 months.

Monday : 12 hrs on site.  Strength session and an easy 30 minutes.  Eddie asked if there were any classes I could do but I have to admit I hate classes with a passion that is as strong as my love for white chocolate.  Managed 3.5 miles of mind numbing repetition.  Staring at a wall.

Tuesday : 14 hrs on site.  Warm up 10 mins, 4 x 5 mins @9mm -9.30mm pace with 3 mins easy in between, cool down 10 mins.  This became 4.5 miles of yet again mind numbing repletion but at least I got t play with the controls on the treadmill which occupied my time for at least 3 seconds.  Other than that it was staring at a wall.  A white painted breeze block wall.

Wednesday : 12 hrs on site.  Rest.  Really?  But how will I survive without that wall?

Thursday : 16 hrs on site thanks to a spanner the size of my arm falling out of a hole in the flyover.  Don’t ask.  5 miles at 10mm and I really struggled to keep it under 11mm.  Knackered.  Absolutely knackered.  Yet I got to see that white wall again.  That white painted breeze block pit of fucking joy.  Seriously, who put treadmills in a gym facing nothing.  Utter nothingness.  It will be a mental test if nothing else.  I reckon if I speed the treadmill up fast enough and then pull the emergency cord it will shoot me forward at that wall and put me out of my misery.

Friday : 14 hrs on site.  Rest day.  Got home at 10.30 and crashed hard.

Saturday : Was meant to go on a social run that Allan (Rumbles) had organised which would have given me 22 miles.  The aforementioned ‘crashed hard’ resulted in me losing the battle with my bed and not being able to get out of it early enough to go on this.  I was gutted as some of my favourite folks went but my body dictated sleep was needed.  I went out in the afternoon and did 19  miles along the Paddington arm of the Grand Union and I hated every last minute of it.  I think it’s because I really wanted to be with the others on their run and nothing at all to do with the oh so charming canal dwellers.  Nope nothing at all.

Sunday : I begrudgingly went out and did the planned 3 miles but messed up and did 3.5 miles.  Wtf?  How dare I.

So, what did I learn this week?  Not much except that gyms are the work of the devil and he works for Pure Gym in Hammersmith!


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