Week 18 of 48 : If swearing offends move along ….

As I sit here on a lovely quiet Sunday with the rugby on the tele, homemade chilli bubbling on the stove and my little feet slung over the arm of the sofa I am reflecting on what could have been a disaster yesterday.  If it had not been for my fabulous little Irish running buddy this weeks blog would be quite different.  Anyway, I am jumping ahead of myself here.  Lets look at the week that led up to yesterday.

Monday – Normally a rest day but I had requested that for Tuesday as I knew it would be a long day on site Tuesday.  So the plan said to do 5 miles in 1/2 mile segments rotating through 11mm, 10mm and 9.30mm.  This was a treadmill session (as previously mentioned all weekdays will be in gym for safety reasons for right now) and it helped with some of the white cinder black wall boredom issues.  I also had an audiobook going on too.  A bit of murder and drama is always good to take your mind off the desire to face plant against the wall.  It did feel quite sluggish though and I’ll not lie … it was a struggle to put any enthusiasm into it. 13 hours on site.

Tuesday – Rest, rest, rest. 15 hours on site.

Wednesday – I remember why I have a love hate relationship with Sgt Sutton.  Oh yes, she’s back to being Sgt Sutton for this session.  Warm up for 10 and then an evil 3,2,1 intervals at 8.45mm x 3 then cool down for 10.  If cool down can be interpreted as crawling on the treadmill belt like a sloth looking for its bed then I nailed it.  I absolutely hated this.  It hurt.  My lungs were looking for a way to leave my body. 14 hours on site.

Thursday – Easy 3.  Thankfuckinggod!  She did say for me to do half, strength work and then do second half but I did the whole 3 and then went home and complainingly did the strength in my PJ’s. 15 hours on site.

Friday – Rest day which is bloody good as I did not leave site for 15 hours again.

Saturday – Lets start out this day by making it clear if Jacqui had not already paid for our train tickets out to Bath then I would have bailed on this social run.  I just wanted to sleep the whole weekend away.  I pulled myself out of bed about 7am and after an hour of faffing around made my way to Paddington to head off for a run with friends on the Cotswold Way.  I won’t go into too much detail about the day but suffice to say it was muddy, sweary, fun and horrible all in equal measures.  The course is a 15 mile out and back.  We added some extra mileage early on by doing some interesting circles around some fields.  We decided at 4 hours in to turn around and make our way back.  This was not about bailing out (we were even offered a ride and declined) but more about common sense.  We still had a train to catch back to London and it was looking like the return journey would be a battle.  We got lost on the way back.  It’s amazing how the field you went through just a few hours previously can look so totally different in the dark.  At one point I lost the plot and after 7 hours of battling with shoe sucking mud I just stood in a muddy puddle, jumped up and down screaming about the cunting fucking bastard mud.  Jacqui almost pissed herself laughing at me.  Sorry to anyone who may have been out in the dark and heard that outburst.  Although in fairness I suspect there was an exclusion zone around Jacqui and I all day … we are quite notorious for our language when out running together.  Surprised we’ve not been issued an Asbo yet.  By the time we got to the last stretch we were just giggling insanely.  You couldn’t run.  Just slide.  Of course I bloody well fell over on my fat arse twice in the last stretch.  Which again caused great amusement.  I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Jacqui I would have left Bath in a totally different frame of mind but there is something about our friendship that just works.  She gets my outbursts.  I get hers.  It works.  Anyone else I would probably just punch :o)  Oh, we ended up with 27 miles.

Sunday – The plan actually said ‘Sleep’.  I kid you not.  I stayed in bed until 10am, got up and started the weekly laundry, ate chocolate digestives for lunch (what?) and then gave my 4 inch caked shoes a shower.  This is where we see if my landlords actually read this blog.  I may need to buy some drain unblocker.

What have I learned this week?  I have learned not to eat so much cheese on the days leading up to a long run.  I have left my DNA all over the Cotswold way.  I have learned that napkins do NOT make good soft toilet paper.  Bastard things have made me walk like a cowboy today.  I have learned that next week I am putting a cap on my work day.  12 hours max per day is the goal.

Oh and I have learned Jacqui does have a limit.  Shouting ‘Cockmunchers’ loudly when a gate won’t cooperate and then seeing the three old dears out playing golf … that’s her limit.  :o)

I like snowdrops.

See you next week.  N x



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