Weeks 20 thru 23 of 48 : The ones that became a blur ….

As I got a bit nagged this weekend by three of you about the fact that I have not updated on my progress for  weeks I am here to do a quick update.  Don’t panic though you’re not going to now get over a months worth of days individually logged.  You will lose the will to live and quite frankly I will start pounding my head against the table and drooling.

So quick round-up of what has happened in the last 5 weeks.

Pissed off about bruised foot, ate too much food, DNS’d a marathon, ate too much food, went to the Lakes to do a slow recce, ate too much food, cheered up a little bit, ate too much food, got mugged, got angry, ate too much food, continued training, ate too much food, lack lustre training at best, ate too much food, Centurion Running season opener cheered me up immensely ….. for the 5 weeks  only have 145 miles total.  Sorry.

And then to top all that off an increasing pain in my arm finally side-lined me this week when I went to pick up a cup of tea and my arm simply couldn’t cope with the weight …. Turns out I have damaged a nerve in my neck!!  FFS.

Anyway, onwards and upwards and all that bullshit.  I am meant to be running Hillingdon half on Sunday but that’s a little up in the air right now.

Eddie has been lovely through all this and even sent me a picture of her gorgeous pregnant self running on a treadmill to cheer me up.  Seriously, she rocks a baby bump.

So does this mean my LL50 training is over.  Not a fucking chance!  I am more determined than ever now.  Am going to try and get a visit in up there this month and then I have another official recce next month.  I have never felt more confirdent and prepared for something and I’ll be dammned if the fact I have to now do some ‘walk like an egyptian’ exercises deter me.  It’ll be nice to fully extend my arm without pain at some point too.

Right that’s it.  Now, I’m off to find a way to eat food without gaining weight … there must be a way.  Standing on my head maybe?


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