Week 24 of 48 : Clappy Boobs

This is the week where I gave myself a good talking to about consistency, confidence, conviction and compliance!  Now anyone who truly knows me will know I battle each and every one of those items on an almost daily basis.  Don’t be fooled by the confident exterior … inside theres a screaming lunatic begging to be let out.  I get bored easy (consistency), I am convinced one day everyone will see I am faking life (confidence), I question my decisions (conviction) and I very rarely enjoy being told what to do (compliance).  Yet on the flip side I am full of contradictions because I also love routine, am convinced I am bloody amazing, know that I am successful for a reason and love nothing better than a good bit of instruction.  Get out of the gutter … there’s no 50 shades here.  That’s another blog 😉

Monday – so after the horrendous half marathon the day before I had 6 miles on todays plan.  Nothing more than that … just 6 miles.  My pace, my way … so I decided to kick the mugging fear in the tail by going for a jog around the local streets.  It felt like I was running through treacle and bloody hell I was slow.  6 miles in 68 minutes.  I walked 5 times.  It wasn’t pretty but it was mine.

Tuesday – Rest day which is bloody ace as for the next 3 months Tuesday will be lonnnnnggggg site day.

Wednesday – Really annoyed at this day.  I was working a split shift on site so not going in until about noon and then my plan was to go by the gym after work about 11pm and do this fab treadmill session the Sgt devised.  I kid you not I was genuinely looking forward to it.  So off I toddle all changed out of hiviz into lycra (why are women not lined up at my door with that description?) and I get to the gym to find a note taped to the door … “Sorry, we take your money religiously but won’t email you to say there’s been a flood and we are closed for the foreseeable future you sucker!!”.

Really pissed me off as if I had known I would have tried to get an outside hill session in early in the day before site rather than enjoying a rare laze in bed.
Thursday – Rest day (and no I didn’t do missed gym session as wasn’t possible for other reasons)
Friday – 5 miles easy she said.  Well, I did it so easy that it never actually happened.  What the fuck is wrong with me?  Why is my motivation slipping out the door?  Why am I allowing roadblocks to pop up and take the excuse so easy?  Grrrrrrr
Saturday – Up early and meet Jacqui at Victoria for a fun but oh so fucking windy 22 miles on the South Downs.  Seriously my ears are still ringing from the constant wind rushing through my head.  It did pep me up though and even though I lost my house keys out there somewhere it was a good day all in all.
Sunday – On veryyyyyyy tired legs I managed just under 5 miles around the flat.  Not literally around the flat as that would take an age and make me very bloody dizzy.  Obviously.  I did however wear the wrong sports bra and my boobs literally clapped in time with my pace for the whole run.  I alternated between mortification and insane giggling.  It’s London.  I blend.
So this week I have learned I need to grab my lazy alter ego by the throat and kick it’s arse.  Thank you Eddie for sticking with me.  You bloody saint.  I’ve also started back on sensible eating as 2 stone weight gain is not helping my confidence when out running nor is it helping my knees.  Poor site canteen may go out of business.  Limited carbs, lots of fresh fruit and veg, lots of water, and zero chocolate!!  Loss this week of 4 lbs.
Nici x

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