Week 30 of 38 : It might just work out …

Right.  I’m not going to catch you up on the in’s and out’s of the last two weeks training sessions.  I have done them all but I just neglected to take my normal daily notes so I can’t remember any specifics.

I do want to share a quick thought as a result of the recce weekend in the Lakes.  Now as you all know I’ve not been feeling it lately.  This whole running malarkey had lost it’s sparkle.

The only reason I even bothered going on the recce is because Bev (Navesey) had so kindly offered to pick me up and let me tag along with her and Steve as they were also going up for the recce.  It certainly wasn’t because I’d lose any money as the recce weekends are so incredibly cheap.  I am not sure how they are even financially viable for the Lakeland organisers.

So on Friday morning I was hanging around outside Heathrow in the rain awaiting my chariot.  It was a great journey up with lots of banter.  Mike (Churchyard) was also with us.  Mike also was going to have the joy of sharing my room with me as he waited until the last minute to start looking at accommodation and it was all booked.  I gleefully informed he that he was getting the top bunk.

Saturday came nice and early and while the boys were off running the Ambleside to Coniston section I took a little jog out to Skelwith Bridge and back.  It was lovely.  I still hate that hill out of Ambleside (Loughrigg) and I still hate how every bloody gate has a different opening mechanism.  That’s going to be fun when I’m knackered and unable to think!!

I didn’t make the recce talks on Saturday night.  Instead we went to a great little Italian and had a lovely dinner with Bev, Steve and also Nikki and Chris Mills.  Lots of banter and laughter but I admit I started getting nervous about the recce and how long Bev and Steve would have to sit around waiting for me to be done.  They kept assuring me that it was not an issue and that they would find cake to eat.  Still, I was quite relived when Mike (who did go to the talk) said they had offered the option to start at Howtown instead of Pooley Bridge for those who wanted it.

I am purposely NOT going to share details of the recce run itself as that’s for when I do the race in 8 weeks time.  8 bloody weeks!!!

All I will say is that without even realising it my pacing was spot on for my plan A race time!!

That dear friends, is how Nici got her groove back …..


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