I had 1st of September 9am in my calendar since July 26th this year.  I knew without a doubt that I wanted another shot at Lakeland 50.  I even had the day off work.  Nothing was going to stand in my way of getting one of the coveted places.  It almost didn’t happen though.

Standing in Sharons kitchen after a fabulously relaxing bank holiday weekend thinking I had plenty of time to spare I glanced at the time.  9:02!!!  What the actual fuck!  Oh god.  Laptop hurry up and fire up.  3G dongle don’t let me down now.  Firefox don’t crash.  Oh god, where’s my bank card?  What if the site crashes?  What if there are payment issues like folks had last year?  I am not the most tech savy person in the world.  At all.  Yet somehow in the space of 3 minutes I have my entry for 2016 sorted. *and breathe*.  Unofficial rumour is that the 50 sold out 6 minutes!

So here begins another 10 months of training updates, recce days, YHA’s, poo stops, watching John Kynsaton video clips and panicking over kit/weight.  Most importantly here begins 10 months of proper planning and preparation.

It’s going to mean shuffling/cancelling some other race plans but in fairness to Country to Capital and KRR they were booked in case I didn’t get LL50.  It’s also going to mean making sure I do not neglect other things, very important things, in my life.  Luckily I have a fabulous support network who understand me (even if they don’t understand this crazy need).

First though I need to get my shoulder sorted.  I am sat on a train from Brighton back home to London as I type this and first stop is to see consultant to go over my MRI results.  It seems that I have a severe torn rotator cuff and surgery is what we are discussing today.  As super-star coach Eddie said though, best time of the race calender to get it sorted is now.

This year it was about getting around.  Next year it’s about sub 16 hours.

Watch this space because I won’t be making some of the training and race day mistakes that I did the first time around.

Nici x

“The definition of insanity is repeating the same behaviour and expecting a different outcome” ~ Albert Einstein


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