Less is certainly more …

It’s been a while since I put anything in here.  I could (as you well know) ramble on for ages catching you up on life and it’s up and downs but I really don’t have the energy and frankly I’d like to keep the one or two readers that I still have.

My last entry here was Sept 27th, the day before my shoulder surgery.  It was, aside from childbirth, the most painful thing I have been through.  The only difference with popping Cody out is that the pain was gone in about a week.  I mean physical pain not that I kicked him out at a week old.  This shoulder malarky is a whole different story.  Here we are 11 weeks later and I still don’t have full range of motion back, I have zero push/pull in my left arm and it still aches at night.  The ache … yes, thats a whole monster on it’s own.

I was originally told no running for 12 weeks.  I then managed to get approval for December 1st if I behaved and then by all kinds of good karma I was actually allowed to start jogging at just under 6 weeks.  By jogging I mean little bits of shuffling with lots of walking thrown in.  I would NEVER have thought a shoulder injury recovery would be so painful – it’s amazing how much you use that joint for nearly every movement.  Try pulling your jeans up with one hand, getting out of the bath with one hand … and we won’t go into shaving under the arms or putting a bra on!! So as you can imagine jogging was no joy but I was just so happy.  Had a few set backs but tonight I had a breakthrough.  I managed 32 minutes and got 2.75 miles on my fancy unused watch.

So, it’s time to get back to not only regular training but also to regular drivel in here.  Eddie will be happy, she’s been chomping at the bit.

Next years ‘race’ calendar is as follows :

  • Feb : Thames Trot 50 (this may get cancelled if I’m not ready)
  • April : Brighton marathon
  • July : Lakeland 50
  • September : Grand Tour of Skiddaw
  • October : OMM

There is also another but I’m not entering it until I see how I am doing.  The main thing that I’m seeing when I look at this list is quality over quantity.  No more running races because I get a FOMO feeling.  No more entering races but not properly dedicating myself to that race and what it requires.

2016 involves some time goals and for that I need a more focussed approach rather than a scattergun approach to things.

2016 also involves me having a work/run/life balance.  The people in my life deserve that.

Laters x


Slowly, slowly catch the damn monkey …



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  1. Nici, you are so brave, I can only imagine how painful it must be. Looking forward to cheering you on at Brighton, and seeing you at the Centurion events x

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